Measuring Client Outcomes – CORP

I use a piece of software to measure my client outcomes. CORP, as its called, is a self-evaluation, outcome rating tool which measures changes across seven areas. Available in both digital and written formats it only takes a few minutes to complete on each session.  It uses real world research methods to demonstrate the effectiveness of therapy.

The areas covered are: Thoughts; Interactions; Activity; Strengths; Confidence; Achievements; Happiness.

In my experience, clients and practitioners alike find it a very useful tool.   CORP enables the practitioner to assess their own effectiveness by comparing their own performance against the global performance of other Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practitioners.  It also helps clients recognise how they are improving, and where they may wish to put their focus for a greater improvement in results. At the end of each session Clients are asked to scale themselves between two markers which most accurately represents their experience for each of seven questions. Where they indicate is translated in to a number out of ten for each question.  The numbers are added together to give a total out of 70.  This total is plotted on a graph over time.  Obviously we would expect to see the line moving in an upward direction.

Alex Brounger is a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist (, Hypnotherapy Supervisor and Hypnotherapy Lecturer in Belfast, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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