The Importance of the IC

Solution Focused Hypnotherapists are aware of the importance of the early moments of therapy and the importance of being impressive in every sense of the word. The Initial Consultation (IC) forms the foundations of therapy and as a result it can be argued is the most important session of them all. There should be a seamless flow of dialogue and the IC should be memorable. It is more important to get to know the person rather than the problem. It is also useful to give recognition to the changes the client has already achieved (seeking help and turning up for the appointment are all different actions which lead to a better future) and what has already got better (Pre-Treatment Change).
Whilst the exact detail of the problem is less important there is also the need for information gathering and it is understood that clients will often only listen once they themselves have been heard.
Explanations of the how the brain works can assist the worker in delivering an impressive and memorable IC which is so important in accelerating the process of change within the client. Explanations would include how negative thoughts can shift the locus of our thinking in to different areas of the brain which are less able to come up with the solutions required to live happily in a modern environment. It should also include the importance of positive thoughts, actions and interactions and how these will help release chemicals in the brain which make us feel happier, more confident and more in control, as well as making it easier to continue those positive thoughts actions and interactions.
It is also important to include an explanation of the conscious thought processes which can normally give a sensible and proper direction to our thoughts and decisions and how these can be hijacked by an oversensitive primitive and emotional brain which generally operates within the primitive parameters of Anxiety, Depression and/or Anger.
It is also important to explain and discuss how the brain has a built in mechanism to help us deal with problems and stresses in our lives helping us to make sense of the world and our place within it. It is therefore important to explain how sleep, and in particular REM sleep, works and how we can use and maximise this tool to help overcome symptoms or problems.

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